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Required parameters

|1 latitude of the map's centre, valid range: -90.0 to 90.0
|2 longitude of the map's centre, valid range: -180.0 to 180.0

Optional parameters

|zoom= zoom level, default=14, valid range: 0 to 18 or auto (0=Earth, 18=city block, auto=showing all markers)
|height= height of map frame, default is 420px - should be at least 370 to provide enough space for the layers menu to expand
|width= width of map frame, default is 420px
|layer= layer for dynamic map, default is M= Mapnik, valid: O= Mapquest Open, W=Mapnik b&w, T=Tourism, N= Traffic line Network, R= Relief map, A= Mapquest Aerial, P= Points of interest, L= Labels, H= Hiking, S= hill Shading, C= Cycling, D= Destinations, G= GPX tracks, B= Boundaries. Any combinations are possible.
|staticmap= static map image, a normal png or svg file
|align= alignment of map frame, default is right (other values are "left" and "none" (center))
|name= name of the location as you want it to appear in the caption - default display is the article title with parent page and disambiguation removed. For an example of this parameter's usage, see Amsterdam/Binnenstad.


 {{Mapframe|zoom=auto}} (lat/long is not required)
 {{Mapframe|51.47766|0.00115|zoom=14|height=400|width=400 |layer=W|staticmap=map.png}}
 {{Mapframe|51.47766|0.00115|zoom=14|height=400|width=400 |layer=MLSCG|align=none|name=the Binnenstad}}